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Ultra Deep Field

by Kevin Colbert

A green kaleidoscope only served
As the background
(This was literally true)
To sail,
In a darkened room
Beyond the sunset.

It didnít matter,
Getting there, and back,
That I had gone.
The play of light upon a wall, under
Windy trees,
Became the most important thing in creation.

And I wondered:
If quasars are the farthest things weíve seen,
Does this remain literally true
In a darkened room I flew,
Beyond the farthest star
And past my view.

It wasnít getting there
That mattered,
But getting there, I knew
What I was made of:
Golden threads in black;
And Odin became irrelevant.

The most important thing
In creation,
Was creation, the energy itself;
The gold threads disappearing,
Making black -
These strings contained the power of a word.

And seeing, I surprised myself
With chills:
To see through nothing, into something,
Knowing, in the first place, "nothingís there."
I saw beyond black, and out beyond that,
And I was quiet with the thrill.

Waiting back for me,
Darkness, life and breath;
A summer night with vines, and
Human love.
What Iíd seen, I had not known the scale.

Coming back, I knew,
What was important
In the cosmos:
I hadnít left a single thing behind.
I could crawl back,
Under those covers,
With love and life inside a darkened room.

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