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Response to Suitor's Love Poem

by Angie Johnson

such gorgeous tomatoes in my fridge
heirlooms, even! remind of me:
unpopular, overlooked, but so satisfying

and threatening to go to waste.
they aren't the fashionable color.
sweet, not as acid, not box-shaped.

slice them into rosettes, opening?
fill with rich salad? a bit cold, now.
nice alongside an omelette. on sandwich?

alongside some salmon? oh, just eat them.
don't make them wait any longer.
save them from the stew-pot, please!

eat them as apples, from your hand.
with salt, or not. suck at them. you may
want to eat over plate, lean over it

They deserve to be enjoyed, discovered.
Just as I do. May yet still be. And hope.
Though I don't cool my heels, much, in the fridge.

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