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I Am From

by Michael St. Louis

I am from the rainy hills
Sunshine bleeding through the trees
Acrid smoke in city air
Snow topped mountains everywhere
Different people across the land
Some walk alone
Some walk hand in hand
Ethnic foods of spicy nature
Hit my senses with tasty vapors
Different varieties for me to savor

I am from the sweet taste of fruit
With each succulent bite
More juice do I consume
Chicken adobo not many know
Sinagang stew to make me grow
Salted fish, macaroni and cheese
Vienna sausage and corned beef
This is where Iím from
I am what I eat

I am from talk when spoken to
Do unto others as you wish to have done unto you
Donít catch your death of cold
Your face will freeze that way
Youíll have arthritis when youíre old
Better to burp and bear the shame
Than not to burp and bear the pain
And a rose is a rose
No matter what the name

I am from my mother
My father who gave me grief
I am from my family
Who donít believe
My friends whom I have loved
And my friends who have loved me
My teachers who saw more
Than others had seen inside of me
Leaders of my community
Gave me hope and ideas
Strangers on the street give me guidance
And assist me in my goals

Giving me insight into others
Making me realize
We are all parents, mothers
Sisters and brothers
Daughters and sons
We all live as one

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