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by Kat Seidemann

A tale of a lass, along a path she did travel
Bountiful, and bound for a belovedís bedside,

Crimson-cloaked and consumables- carrying child
Destined for drama, but lacking foreboding.

Errand embarked upon, under enemy eyes,
Focus fined-tuned by frivolous favorite frock.

Garamond grandmaís genetics so greatly engaged,
Hapless hooded handmaiden hurried on her way.

Innocent of the all the ill-will intended,
Joyous, not jaded, this wooded journey she took.

Killer told of the lassís kinswomanís cabin.
Lupine lout lies abed waiting, loves his new lair.

Masquerading murderer in missing matronís
Night-clothes, nose nuzzled nicely

Out of othersí overt eyesight,
Plans plight for this portable feast.

Quadrupedís quixotic trap quickly quit,
Red riding hood to rectify grandmotherís ruin.

Small scarlet stroller foiling strangerís sick plot,
Trespasser sensed, tenses, bares teeth of her own.

Urgent urge to usurp ugly foe, Red bites back.
Vanity now vanquished, villain vacates room.

Wretched wolf returns to woods with a wound,
Xenophobia properly instilled, exotics unwanted.

Youth yelps at an as yet unconsidered thought:
Zoonosis! disease that the bite might have wrought!

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