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Beta Boolean Blues

by Taylor Leslie

Code clicks continuously on the screen of
Green glow. Errors are eaten; like a shark
I swim through a sea of symbols. I hunt.
Faltering on following failures; my heart wanders,
Wonders of stories untold, of fleeting fantasies.
I fly though oceans electric with life.
Shimmering seaweed sways slowly.
Fish dart like motes in my mind's eye
And I am lulled into a glazed gaze…

Synapses snap; back to the squawk box's call.
Time leers looming from his high throne.
I bend under his frozen fists. I toil.
Derelict in debugging duty, my mouse dallies
Daily for a new purpose: perhaps a chef?
A baker? Beer maker? Some type of risk-taker?
Photos flash of better-men staring at fortunes.
Unknown, I get stuck in the web's grasp
As Monster.com creeps to consume…

Crash! No control or delete, no alternative.
The clock's clenched hands mock me;
Like a prisoner
I pace each line of crippled cipher. I seethe.
Tempers tear attention; my pride explodes.
Explain why this cubicle's my coffin.
Why I worked without failure to serve
The beer-bong bastards in business.
Viral visions take hold as the venomous codes
Spill down to the keyboard…

Rage is reigned by a growl of the stomach.
Lunch time.

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