Licton Springs Review

The Dark Hearts of StartsBy Rosella Stern

There is an ache in the human heart,
A yearning to transform all dross and suffering to joy,
Matched only in the dark hearts of stars.

In the heated alchemy of stellar change,
A power that has no name and no intention,
So like the power of unquestioning love,
Turns lead to gold
Though human science once could not.

As huge stars explode, within their centers
Lead and what is base turn to precious metals
And are flung out into the universe
So far and how very, very far,
Making a light we see and celebrate
A thousand thousand years beyond that time.

As we glance out at the night sky
We come to know the history of the universe in an instant,
Thrilled with vision and some understanding.

And, then, again, as we turn to our beloved,
We, too, are transformed,
It is as if we have become the cauldron
That is the dark hearts of stars.
For, in the instant, there is a force of love so powerful
That dark stars themselves explode within,
Making of self a stellar incandescence,
Lit by a power beyond itself.