Licton Springs Review

My Name By Molly Tenenbaum

Mumble a bell,
amble by belly,
thumb a nub,

tumble blue,
Lemon tea?

Numbly tottle on.
My bane, the ante.

My tone, lambent bunt.
My tenet, Olly olly,
eenee meenee.

My oath: melt, tell all.
Mote, heal me.
Lumpy, my metonymy.

No monotony. Beneath
a behemoth, my tenement home.
On a boat, a tout,

hellbent on hambone,
het up, et al—Mount me,
moan the Um. Bluntly

be late. Be tome, be
anatomy. Not on auto.
Autonomy, all.

Maybe yea, oh nay,
natty bean. Been heat,
been Aunt Hat, both, none,

to the teeth, to the nth,
to the EMT.
Hate math. Unabate,

unbatten, bleat,
la la baby lamb
umbel to tomb.

Ta-ta, then, my theme.

Hobnob, beat on.