Licton Springs Review

Black HolesBy Tammy Mae McPherson

Swallow all available
Stars, suns,
Comets, “Oops there goes
Another rubber tree plant…
But Somewhere,
On the other side
Of these
(Actually navy blue)
Black Holes,
Where Matter has
Condensed into
That imaginary Point
That Mathematicians
Talk about,

A new Universe is
Born: A new Big
Bang celebrates.
And a spiral
Spider’s series
Of Galaxy arms
Wind out.

I like reading on the bus.
Every time
I open the cover
Of a book, its
Gravity engulfs me,
Guides me through
Wormholes of space and
I’m Jo;
I have three sisters,
And I’m reading

In a tree.
The sun is shining
Despite the worst war
In our nationŐs history.
While my father
Fights his brother,
I’m resentfully stuck home,
“Like a poky old woman.”
Not even a road bump jolts me back again,
Although a minute may pass before
I find my place.
I don’t know how the
Return Trip works,
But I know
Some books have more
Gravity than others.
They suck me in; the
Return Trip takes so much
I’ll look up and out and

I’ve missed my stop.
I have to walk,
Or worse.