by Rachel Menth

Kites dot the diluted orange sky.
Waves crash far below them.
No longer can they be reached by the pungent salty smell of the sea.
Strong winds blow
They are flowers in the sky,
budding over their roots.

Each flower is a reflection of its roots.
Flowers with firm roots blossom into masterpieces,
twirling and twisting gracefully in the sunset.
Younger and weaker roots have no control.
The buds of these flowers somersault like whirling dervishes.
Nose diving to the ground after only a short time, 
they are thrown up again with frustration.

 The sun continues to dip behind the placid blue sea.
One at a time the flowers begin their descent to
  the gritty sand whence they came from.
With a soft tug on the string,
 even the most resilient flowers are reeled in by their roots.
Then, the flowers wait in trepidation until the next day when they will be cultivated again.

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Rachel Menth, poetry winner of the high school writing contest for her poem “Roots,” is currently a freshman at Shorewood High School. The only thing she likes more than writing is playing basketball.