by Dejah Patterson

Above Kalama
A truck driver swerved
Slightly into my lane
Then corrected himself
When I honked
And swerved away.
In his side view mirror
I saw him staring at me
Grizzled and angry
And I thought of the ways
In which we encroach 
Upon our surrounding world
Stepping upon shadows
When we stray from our meridians.
I wonder
At what point
Did I look upon the world
Grizzled and nasty
Or at what occasion
Did I see shadows
As darkness?
In the cloister I build
In fear-mud like a swallow
Seeing narrowly outwards
Is it any wonder
I see one truck swerve
And hate his face
And miss
The grace of the sycamore
Swaying gently
Into the freeway.

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Dejah Patterson has always loved writing, and has studied poetry, fiction, and third-person biography writing at the UO in Eugene, OR. She has won several awards for her writing, as well as five dollars from a lottery ticket, and hopes to pursue writing, traveling, and teaching as a career. Dejah is also a songwriter, a musician, and an artist, so if the whole writing thing falls through she’s got those other things going for her, which is nice. She hopes to make it big as a writer someday, so that she can get a roadie to write her bios for her.