The Temptation Of Atlas
by Tim Cullen

You really should take some time off she said to him 
From under her long lashes
Just because its on your shoulders doesn 't mean its really 
All your responsibility
His eyes narrowed, his brow furrowed 
She had a point
Come to the forest with me
She purred moving slowly round him 
Her hips imitating the sea 
He clenched his teeth and re-positioned his feet 
He would have covered his eyes if his hands were free. 
Her green eyes sent poison pleasure pins into his heart 
The pear shape of her body gnawed him with soul deep hunger 
Her olive skin sang jasmine songs and he drooled 
Like a hungry dog 
Again he shifted under his burden 
Tried to ignore the soft heat coming off of her body 
He would have pushed her away if he didn't need both hands 
To keep that responsible burden on his shoulders
But you have been diligent for so long! 
Surely you must be tired
His eyes held hostage to 
Her fluttering lashes and 
The black cascade of her hair
You deserve a break after all you have done 
There is no harm in just a short rest
She did have a point 
He bit his lip until coppery blood ran between his teeth 
He re-positioned his feet 
He would have beat his brow had his hands been free

But by the Gods! He had a job to do!
No one will notice if you put it down for Just a little while A drop of sweat slid slowly between her mango breasts Down her soft belly Hung for a moment from The jewel in her navel and Disappeared Under the thin fabric of her skirt He readjusted his body under that heavy burden He would have gouged his own eyes out If his hands had been free She turned around him slowly Come to the forest with me Let my sisters and I dance for you And so Atlas shrugged and chased her into the forest He barely touched her shoulder before she disappeared Leaving him with a hand full nothing And her cruel laughter flickering in the trees While behind him the earth fell with a bitter crash and Shattered into an infinite number of pieces Each one spiraling into oblivion
Later he would grovel guiltily before the gods A blubbering hulk of despair And tell them how As his fingers landed on her shoulder He felt not warm nymph silk but The cold hide of a reptile.

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